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...even if you're messy by nature

and have failed all other decluttering methods!

Have you ever panic cleaned for guests and decided that this time - THIS TIME - you'll keep things nice and tidy and won't let the chaos come back - only to notice a couple of days (or even just hours) later that there's clutter everywhere?

Or maybe you've already given up, feeling that you're just a hopeless case and condemned to live in chaos forever?

I know how you feel! I used to feel like that, too! Some of us are just born messy and for us, the conventional decluttering advice just won't work!

What if getting and keeping your home tidy didn't have to be a struggle? What if there was a way to get your home in order and keep it that way without burning you out? Even when you have hard time sticking to a routine?

When you

  • break down the chaos into manageable pieces to ditch the overwhelm

  • take steps tiny enough so it's impossible to fail

  • make it fun and rewarding - make it a GAME

you can change your clutter-forming habits into clutter-busting habits and you'll

  • get a permanently tidy home where you can find peace and concentrate on the things that matter most

  • be able to enjoy having guests instead of feeling ashamed - no need for strenuous panic cleaning! 

  • feel like a hero after slaying the dragon - you did what was hard for you and changed your home and your life!

Wait, what? A Home Organizing Game?! How does that work?

declutter with a board game.png
  • Track to Tidy is a combination of a board game and a self-help workbook.
  • It comes in the form of printable game board and worksheets or a digital workbook.
  • It will guide you to analyze your situation and the actions you need to take and helps you create missions and quests for them.
  • You play by yourself (or with family - not against them) by filling the workbook, progressing on the game board, and taking action in the real world to accomplish your missions and quests and to earn rewards.
  • To ensure permanent results, the game progresses very slowly; one game can last weeks. Your mess didn't develop overnight and it won't go away (to stay away!) quickly either! 
  • Daily time investment is minimal, after defining your mission and quest, you don't practically need any extra time for the game as you practice your new tidy habits in your everyday life.

Game board guides you on your track and visualizes your progress.


Worksheets give you detailed instructions on how to analyze your situation and what actions you need to take. You make a customized plan for your individual home and situation - no rigid checklists!


Missions and Quests are accomplished by taking action in the real world. They make you slice the chaos into manageable pieces and slay them one by one.


Rewards make the process more fun and keep you motivated during the game. They also make the learning process more efficient! You get to choose your small, medium, and large rewards for different tasks and The Grand Reward for finishing the game.

Track to Tidy
available on Etsy
approx. US$34.50 / GB£25.60 / CA$44.40 / AU$45.60
+ local VAT/GST/ALV where applicable
Etsy will calculate your final price according to your location
Available on Etsy - instant download!

I used to be overwhelmed and desperate to the bone. My house was a total disaster though I struggled on the verge of exhaustion to get it organized.

I felt like a failure.


I had already given up hope and accepted my fate, when I came up with the idea of a game to tame the chaos. My brain just blurted it out and I had no choice but to follow the idea and start playing! :D


After having failed all other so-called fool-proof decluttering methods, I was amazed how well my game worked for me so I taught it to my friend, a fellow messie. When also she started seeing great results with it, I knew I had to make it available for other hopeless messies, too!

- Ilona,

the recovering messie behind Track to Tidy

Address all three root causes for chaos

Track to Tidy guides you to address all these issues!

1 (1).png



  • Most decluttering methods focus on this one thing.
  • It's the easiest one to correct - just go through your belongings and toss what isn't needed anymore.
  • It's also fundamentally important in taming the chaos, but it's not enough!
1 (2).png


  • For your home not to look cluttered, every item has to have a dedicated place that is easy to use.
  • Some decluttering methods take this into account, but for us messy by nature, even this isn't enough!
1 (3).png


  • Learning the habit of Putting It Where It Belongs (PIWIB) is the crux of Track to Tidy and what makes the tidiness last!
  • If you struggle with mess, you probably know how hard this can be!
  • Track to Tidy uses unique psychology based approaches to break things down and make this doable for you, even if you feel you just don't have it in you!
Track to Tidy available on Etsy
€27,00 + VAT/GST
approx. US$34.50 / GB£25.60 / CA$44.40 / AU$45.60
Etsy will calculate your final price according to your location
Buy the game on Etsy - instant download!

Track to Tidy Testimonials


Track to Tidy gave me the means to deal with the issues that had lead to chaos and that kept feeding it, no matter how much I decluttered:

my own messy habits!

Our kitchen has stayed tidy for months now!

- mom with ADHD and ASD

It’s been 4 months since I played Track to Tidy game and I’ve been able to keep my bathroom & other spaces CONSISTENTLY clutter free.

I love that this game is rooted in some deep genius psychology because wow did it work!

It’s been life changing for me and so doable for my ADHD wired brain.

I’m so grateful!!

- mom with ADHD


Who is it for?

Track to Tidy is for all natural born messies. No matter how desperate you feel or how chaotic your home is, it is for you.

I'm tidy but my family is messy, would the game help us?

Yes! The game is written to a messy person but you can play it with your family acting as a facilitator. It's advisable to play it a bit by yourself first to get familiar with the game principles before playing it with others. This way you'll ensure a fluent experience for them, which is important especially if they aren't that enthusiastic about decluttering.

Can kids play it too?

Yes! Depending on their age, kids may need an adult facilitator guiding them with the game. The game can be made more interesting for kids by letting them craft their own game board themed to their favorite cartoon characters, naming missions accordingly etc.

But I have ADHD (or other condition that affects executive functions), I'm pretty sure nothing can help me!

I have ADHD, too, and I thought I was beyond any help! Track to Tidy is designed for ADHDers by an ADHDer, and it has been tested by several testers with ADHD and ASD. Testers found the game life changing!

I'm too overwhelmed to get started, what should I do?

First a word of warning: Once you get the game files, DON'T TAKE A PEEK ON ALL THE WORKSHEETS!! Really, resist your curiosity and just let the game unfold as you move along the game board! Many testers reported almost insurmountable overwhelm when they browsed through all the steps and worksheets at the beginning! Trust the process and consider the upcoming worksheets as surprises to be revealed in their own time.

If you took a peek or are otherwise too overwhelmed to get started, ask for support in Track To Tidy VIP Support Group on Facebook, or email me directly (, and we'll guide you through getting started!

How do I get started?

Purchase the game on Etsy and you'll receive a confirmation email with download links. Download the files and open the 0_ReadMeFirst-file. It guides you forward. See the warning in the previous question above!

If you feel stuck with getting started, you can get personal support by joining Track to Tidy VIP Support Group on Facebook or by emailing me (

How soon will I see results? Is this an overnight miracle?

Your mess didn't develop overnight and it won't go away (to stay away!) quickly either! The game will give you miraculous results but it's a long and slow process. However, it's not a strenuous one, the idea is to make the change so incremental and to take steps so tiny, it's impossible to fail. At first, you might feel going so slowly is going to take forever, but as you learn new tidy ways, the order begins to spread without any additional effort!

Can I return it if it doesn't work for me?

Contact me if you need help tweaking the game to better fit your needs. If you feel like it still isn't worth your investment, you can be refunded.

What's included?
● Printable version - separate files for each step -> print only the pages you need for each mission (.zip folder containing 10 pdf files)
● PDF Notebook version for GoodNotes, Xodo etc. (hyperlinked)
Both versions include: instructions on how to get started, game board, worksheets for each part of the process.

Track to Tidy available on Etsy
€27,00 + VAT/GST
approx. US$34.50 / GB£25.60 / CA$44.40 / AU$45.60 + VAT/GST
Etsy will calculate your final price according to your location
Buy the game on Etsy - instant download!

If you're not ready to buy yet, you're warmly welcome to join my mailing list and/or How To Align Your Ducks Facebook group!

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